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India Blue is a contemporary Faerie-Folk musician and songwriter based in the South East of England. Drawing inspiration from spirituality, history, folk tales, nature and the complexities of being 'human.' Mainly self-accompanied by her piano, harp and many other strings. "The piano veers between mournful and exotic; the voice is somehow frail and supple at the same time; the lyrics go down all manner of dark rabbit holes." - HIP

Having just self-released her debut studio album 'The Circus Came and Left' which was patiently awaited, and highly acclaimed, including this statement from Nick Pelling of the Hastings Independent Press "It may well become a folk classic." 

India began playing at small eco, pagan and hippie festivals in 2015, and by 2019 was playing around 11 festivals a Summer!

In between these Festivals she was accredited with Winner of the Equator Music Contest, shortlisted for Young Songwriter of the Year, and Area finalist of Open Mic UK. As well as performing and working with inspiring musicians such as Guy Chambers, Jo Beth Young and Joshu.

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